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22nd of July 2018


The Morning After: Netflix's 'Ultra' price test

'Independence Day' 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Happy Independence Day if you're in the US! It's just another Wednesday in most other places. Netflix is testing higher prices, some Spotify users don't like Drake and Amazon Prime Day just got added to our calendar.

Calling all students! While you're on a break from that summer job, go ahead and send us some back-to-school gadget questions before you decide how to spend the money you're earning.

Internet TV is getting more expensive, again.Netflix tests 'Ultra' tier that could add a higher-price option

With Netflix adding new original content at a breakneck pace, it only makes sense that another price adjustment is around the corner. The company confirmed tests of an Ultra tier that some European users have seen offered. Nothing's set in stone, yet, but right now the 16.99 Euro option allows for 4K, HDR and up to four streams at once. That means some of those features are pulled from the current lower-priced standard and Premium plans. If this rolls out widely, we'll have to wait and see if existing users who enjoy simultaneous streams and HDR at current rates get grandfathered in.

Paying for premium was supposed to get rid of ads.Spotify users push back after Drake's weekend 'take over'

Last week, Drake smashed the single-day record for total number of album streams on Spotify with the release of his new record Scorpion, but the artist had some help in making that happen. Spotify placed Drake prominently on its playlists, effectively allowing the artist to take over the music service at the weekend. Some premium subscribers went so far as to demand refunds from Spotify for the service's placement of advertisements on accounts that are supposed to be ad-free.

Can't get hacked if you leak the movie yourself.Sony posted a whole movie to YouTube instead of the trailer

Instead of going straight to DVD, Sony's Khali the Killer movie went straight to YouTube in a post that was supposed to only hold a trailer.

More than one million deals.Amazon's biggest Prime Day sale starts on July 16th

Why wait for Black Friday? Amazon's transparent mid-year attempt to boost sales is scheduled for July 16th, promising a day and a half of deep discounts that are (possibly) too good to resist. Prime Day kicks off around the world (and for the first time in Australia, Singapore, Netherlands and Luxembourg) on July 16th at 3 PM ET.

Ryo Hazuki's revenge story is back.'Shenmue' returns August 21st

With the third chapter in the Shenmue saga delayed yet again until 2019, fans (and newcomers) can keep themselves busy in the meantime with the first two games on their fancy modern consoles and PCs. Sega will release PS4, Xbox One and PS4 versions of the titles on August 21st and dropped off a new trailer for the remastered games just to whet our appetites.

Plus our first look at Android Wear.This day in Engadget history: Blockbuster Video tanks in a big way

Eight years ago, good ol' Blockbuster Video hit a new low: Shares of the once-great video store rental chain were trading at 18 cents, and, as a result, it was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange

But wait, there's more...Nintendo unveils a 'Minecraft' Creeper 2DS XL special edition US court rules that using online photos can be considered 'fair use' Seagate courts PC enthusiasts with a new Barracuda SSD Summer gaming-sale fever reaches PlayStation Store Two attendees of doomed Fyre Festival win $5 million suit Blue Bite's Decode app spots fakes with NFC Cruel pranksters made NYC internet kiosks play ice-cream truck tunes 'Semblance' makes history on the Nintendo Switch on July 24th Third-party app developers could be reading your Gmail

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