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23rd of July 2018


More Money, Bigger Stages, Growing Platforms: What I've Learned so Far... - The Good Men Project

1. Consistency matters. I’ve been fortunate to share stages, join masterminds, and become friends with some incredibly successful people…and truthfully, they’re no different than anyone else. The difference is consistency. Their success is in the consistent daily action they take that pushes them closer to the goals they’ve set.

2. Protect your family. Entrepreneurship, social media, and the consistent need to command attention from an audience, if not done properly, will destroy even the healthiest of families. I see it daily and if I’m being honest, I’ve danced the line of mis-prioritizing my hours, days, and weeks for the sake of “growth and influence.” Fame is a fickle mistress who cares not who’s marriage she destroys. Guard yourself. Your kids could care less about your followers, likes, comments, and shares… and if the top of your head is how they see you, you’re losing. The most successful and happy people I meet are CONSISTENT in creating BOUNDARIES that PROTECT their marriages, children, and time/energy with both.

3. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. It is easy to get comfortable in what has worked to get you to where you are, but it will not get you to where you want to go. There must be a consistent leveling up: setting new goals, looking into new systems, and creating new relationships with those who are where you want to be. The most successful and happy people I meet are CONSISTENT in DEVELOPING THEMSELVES and INVESTING IN THEMSELVES.

4. Gratitude at the forefront. Beginning each day with intentional appreciation and gratitude for what you DO have and the opportunities in front of you will be the catalyst for your consistency. In a culture consumed by what we DON’T have, always comparing our chapter 3 to someone else’s 23… We focus on who we are NOT, what we do NOT have, and we manifest more of that NEGATIVE ENERGY in our lives… The most successful and happy people I meet are CONSISTENT in speaking daily affirmations of GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION, and ABUNDANCE.

5. Define your own success. It’s easy to feel the need to keep up with everyone on social media, and it seems like everyone in “entrepreneurship” is living their best life, driving super cars, popping bottles, and constantly vacationing… All well and good. Kudos on the lifestyle. I think it’s awesome if that’s success to whomever. That said, you define your own success.

I have musician friends that play the same bars week in and week out, with a few small tours throughout the year. They don’t make much money, but they’re among the most successful people I know. Why? They’re happy. They’re doing what they love. They’re spending time making memories with friends.

As for me? We don’t vacation that much. We prefer Netflix to the theater. I’d rather grill a great steak at home with my family than go out to a fancy restaurant where I have to shower (In Oklahoma, just stepping outside right now ensures you are drenched in sweat… If you drive a Harley, you’re guaranteed to smell like “outside” all day). While we enjoy big trips to theme parks, we’re just as content loading up the truck and heading down to Lake Bixhoma to fish for the day and hike the mountain.

I drive my old Bronco. I ride my old Harley. I can work on them, tear them apart, put them back together, and that’s success to me. That and a cool supercar can’t tear up a mountain during deer season. 😉

The most successful and happy people I meet are CONSISTENT in not defining their success by the success of others.

Here’s my point:

It all comes down to consistency.Most people give up, or never get in the game at all…Fear. Apathy. Victim mentality. Complacency. Comparison…..Whatever the reason, we play small and we stay safe.

Staying consistent through the wins, losses, and the ever changing climate of this culture is the secret ingredient to success in any area of your life:

FinancesBusinessFamilyRelationshipsPersonal DevelopmentPhysical Health


Know who you are.Know what you stand for.Know why you want what you want.Know that it’s all possible.Know that your journey is yours alone.Never stop.


—Previously published on Facebook.

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