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21st of October 2018


Scorpio - free daily horoscope |

Daily Horoscope for 21st October 2018daily horoscope for scorpio

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Good position if you are in an examination period, or in a competition. Good creative period, if you are a little artistic. You will have a most respectable life.

You will feel on top form, in good humor without really knowing why. You will be full of energy, and take on the work of Hercules. Association between independence and imagination: your imagination could bring out a creative streak: you will search for novelty, originality and innovation in your activities.

This transit will reinforce your down-to-earth side. You will be on top form, really healthy, in good spirits. Good time to settle all your present problems.

You will know how to catch in flight every possible opportunity. You will feel good. A period when you will take your responsibilities to heart: you will be devoted to duty, but this will be difficult to bear.

You will have unexpected good fortune and lucky opportunities.

You will certainly have an amorous adventure, you will travel to see your heart's choice, you will be in a good mood. Excellent period for any intellectual work.

You will be objective, lively, competent, prudent and calculating. Meeting new people, full of originality.

You will want to go out, to travel, to see friends. You will want to achieve something amazing.

You will have more energy than you know how to channel. You will very much want to be free and independent. You take your time, and will think carefully before taking the slightest decision, but you run the risk of losing contracts by your lack of vivacity.

You will probably become intolerant, fanatical and with excessive hardness, seriousness and rigor. Your judgement will be hasty.

You will be impulsive and bold, and - as a result of your lack of forethought - will have a few problems or accidents. You will fall in love, that violent and passionate irrational love.

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